Monday, October 31, 2011

the students story

last week we were visiting the students house to house . we got a chance to visit there house. some of the people they live two family in one very narrow and muddy house that was shocking to me not for  the social worker because they have been doing this for years and years. They know but for me it was sad and they live in one room and separate it  buy the old rag and thorn box the was so sad on the top of that they do not have Jesus. The two family who live in one room one family they have 5children the other one had just one girl. in the afternoon usually i got a chance to eat lunch with the students i heard there stories..... most of the kids they live with single parent or live with relative. They just eat one meal a day that is rice from Genet's school. that the meal that they get during the week if you ask me during the weekend i don't know God  knows. most of  the students are very weak  and there physical and there age aren't the same. one of the student who is living with his Gram most of the time she is sick and when i asked him about his mom and dad he cried he has no clue about his dad but his mom died two years ago. one of the the girl is known pass out every other day as she said she has a heart problem the doctors couldn't  handle unless she has enough money. These are the things that we have been doing and we were visited around more than 100 houses. Don't ask me the house anyways i will explain more in their story on there pictures. You will know which kid has what problem because I am over whelm by this kids story.  I wish if I can change there life but I am limited the only thing the I can do praying for them and telling them about the lord. That all I can do right now. my mom will send those pictures and I will let know every one through those pictures.what kind of life these kids live. It is amazing God's mercy because these kids can be able to a live!!!!!

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