Monday, October 31, 2011

the students story

last week we were visiting the students house to house . we got a chance to visit there house. some of the people they live two family in one very narrow and muddy house that was shocking to me not for  the social worker because they have been doing this for years and years. They know but for me it was sad and they live in one room and separate it  buy the old rag and thorn box the was so sad on the top of that they do not have Jesus. The two family who live in one room one family they have 5children the other one had just one girl. in the afternoon usually i got a chance to eat lunch with the students i heard there stories..... most of the kids they live with single parent or live with relative. They just eat one meal a day that is rice from Genet's school. that the meal that they get during the week if you ask me during the weekend i don't know God  knows. most of  the students are very weak  and there physical and there age aren't the same. one of the student who is living with his Gram most of the time she is sick and when i asked him about his mom and dad he cried he has no clue about his dad but his mom died two years ago. one of the the girl is known pass out every other day as she said she has a heart problem the doctors couldn't  handle unless she has enough money. These are the things that we have been doing and we were visited around more than 100 houses. Don't ask me the house anyways i will explain more in their story on there pictures. You will know which kid has what problem because I am over whelm by this kids story.  I wish if I can change there life but I am limited the only thing the I can do praying for them and telling them about the lord. That all I can do right now. my mom will send those pictures and I will let know every one through those pictures.what kind of life these kids live. It is amazing God's mercy because these kids can be able to a live!!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

last week...

last week i had a lot of thing happened. I went to house to house visiting a lot of women. I was sad because this people are really really  poor ....they don't have anything on the top of that most of them are Hiv positive so with my coworker who is a social worker went to there house and try to encourage those women at some point I lost it start crying because I ask my self why ?? but i couldn't find the answer.....anyways I know God is incontroll there life. This people needs a lot of help I am prying to God to give me a wisdom to reach out to this women. and this week i mean start my work with the student this student are really poor and start asking them there story but i wept a lot. some of the thing that they told me is i couldn't even share it here but i am praying to God to help me to do some change in there life. I am praying to bring good influence on these kids [STUDENTS }anyways tomorrow i will visit my 45 girls wants to know how they are doing ...then i will put it here .......      

Monday, October 3, 2011

last week it was kind of emotional week because mom wasn't with me so i had to get use to it and missing mom!!!! was kind of hard ...some time when someone live with you you won't know how that person is important but when they live you will know the empty spot that time i told to my self  she is gone come back but as soon as i got to my apartment I felt so bad and sad i won't see mom for a year ... that made me cry .....that sad i wasn't realized that ... when i say Good bye ....the week before i said Good bye and she came back form Mayotte but this time it will be a long year ....  ;

Monday, September 26, 2011

This week

Today is kind of cloudy , trying to plan things for this week and miss mom !!!! thank you everybody for your prayer ....I need that right now. may God bless you all......

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

  Hey  guys thank you  for  your prayer and comment we really appreciate it !!! last week was kind of long week because my mom wasn't  here she was in  Mayotte  as the same time  it was a good experience to do things by myself and spent a lot of time at the New Life organization with the girls and with the children. I heard a lot of sad story but they girls are amazing and they are very strong . I am proud of them and love them so much . They face so many struggles  in there life but still they have very good attitude to ward God and life. I thank God for each every one of them.   

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hi all!

Hi All ...

Thank you so much for your prayers!!!! ... and your posts!!!! They are such an encouragement to us!!!!!We continue to seek God each morning for His will and His guidance on the streets ... We've secured housing for Genet - we'll send pics soon ... We've been working with cooking and hairdressing vocational girls in Addis on "customer service" and offering encouragement for them as created in God's image and to all to the glory of God ... We began working officially with 15 orphan girls in Akaki region - teaching "conversation English" and offering a lot of encouragement from the Bible and HOPE found only in Jesus Christ ...Many girls have deep affection for Genet (as former orphan, too) and have poured out their hearts pain of rape and abuse and abandonment and AIDS death of their parents ... Genet points them to hope in Jesus and assures them that God knows their pain and has His hand on their lives ...Trust Him!!!  And stay close to Him ... There are so many sad stories, and the worst part is that it is too common for orphans, and especially girls ... God help girls in  3rd. world countries!!!  Please pray for their healing (physically and spiritually) and for full forgiveness so they may be set free to live fully for Christ!

Letter #4 to come soon!

Love you all ... And God bless you, too!!!

Genet and Amy :)